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Hop, skip & jump your way to victory!

Hurry! Last date to submit video extended to Dec 2nd!

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The Glendale Annual Sports Day is one of the highlights of the year! The school is filled with excitement, camaraderie and joy as students vie for the glory of their Houses. And this year, our signature sports event goes online! From 18th – 27th November, students and parents can participate in the Virtual Games and recreate the spirit of competition virtually.

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Glengames 2020

Join our Virtual Inter-House Events through Glengames! Each activity has been designed for students to experience a fun-filled challenge.

The Invincibles
(Gr 1 & 2)

1.Sack Hop
2. Peg your favourite Prop
3. Throw into a target

Trail Blazers
(Gr 3 & 4)

1.Zig-zag Balance
2. Speed Bounce
3. Toss, Clap & Catch

Fab Fifth
(Gr 5 & 6)

1. Toss a Ball
2. Zig-zag Balance
3. Vertical Jump

Power Rangers
(Gr 7 & 8)

1. X Jumps
2. Step Ups
3. Beep Test

Teen Titans
(Gr 9 & 10)

1. Vertical Jump
2. Burpees
3. Alternate Hand Wall Throw

Strength Squad
(Gr 11 & 12)

1. Vertical Jump
2. Burpees
3. Alternate Hand Wall Throw

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Record yourself doing these challenges and upload the video on the link below. Mention your name, class, group & house to get your points

Video 1: 5 points

Video 1: 5 points

Video 1: 5 points

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Glenrun 2020

(November 29 th , 2020)

Join our virtual mini-marathon!Students & their parents can run in their community or park for Glendale in aid of good health & safety.

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Download the Strava App and upload your video on it

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