Over the course of the academic year while it was hard for the students and kids I believe the school and teachers have done a very good job to handle the situation. From calling periodically after exams with feedback on the child’s progress to reaching out to find out how the kids are managing, the teachers have stayed on top of not only the academic performance but on the coping mechanisms of the kids. Thank you for all your support.

Manjusha Thumma, mother of Jai Arjun Gollapudi, Grade 12

Glendale Academy

First of all thanking everyone involved in switching to online classes in such a short duration. Really appreciate the effort, patience in handling the children and maintaining the discipline by the class teacher Kalpana Mam. Karnan enjoyed the class hours and also the off hour chatting with his friends. He enjoyed and excited about the sports class as well. Although it'll never be lively like school this is definitely an effective way considering the present situation. We kept our distance during class hours as much as possible to avoid any distraction to both students and teacher. All these feedbacks were based on few minutes observation while we help to resolve any issue during the class and mostly by post class discussion with Karnan. 

Ms. Buvaneshwari, mother of Karnan Thiru, Grade III 

Glendale International School IB Campus

The worksheets that you are providing are awesome and the way you are trying to teach the concepts is wonderful! Although it is really tough to teach kids online, I think you are doing a wonderful job! Kudos to you and your team! .From Day one we are fans of this school and its education system. You continue to keep us amazed1 Thanks to each and everyone who is a part of this.

Ms. Lakshmi Srujana, mother of Nittala Devishi Adrija, Grade II

Glendale International School, IB Campus

This is a message for you and your team. You guys are doing very well. It is amazing to see that you all take the given feedback in the right spirit. And we all are trying to change for the better. It is wonderful how the team(particularly the pre- primary) has taken immediate steps to transform into digital learning. The activities were very well conducted in these couple of days. Although, there is a scope of improvement in many other aspects but it is encouraging to see how you all want to plant the seeds of change and knowledge. Thank you all.

Mr. Aditya VPSR Chaganti, father of Aradhya Tenneti, UKG

Glendale International School, IB Campus

We are truly grateful & feel blessed to put our kid Saesha at Glendale Academy. I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers of GRADE 2 for their priceless efforts, understanding, support & guidance and contribution towards our daughter’s progress in these stressful times. Once again thank you Glendale Management !! Looking forward to a long term education support from you for our daughter.

Mr. Mainik Das, father of Saisha, Grade II

Glendale International School, Cambridge Campus

This is our first year at Glendale and I am so happy to be part of the Glendale Family. I would like to all of you, especially Gowry Bhatt Ma'am and Ankita Ma'am, tfor the efforts they are taking beyond their call of duty to make the Online Classes interesting!

Mr. Raghavender Mangaraju, father of Athulya Mangaraju, Grade IV

Glendale International School, Cambridge Campus

Gratitude and kindness are virtues which I think should come naturally as they are basic positive human emotions close to the heart. The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for. Modelling is one of the best ways to inculcate these virtues in our children from early childhood as they learn better through observation and imitation rather than words and sermons. I appreciate the initiative taken by the school to make the students aware of the ways in which they can and are expressing kindness and gratitude in their daily life through the journal. These exercises lead to awareness and awareness leads to mindfulness and consistency in practice. The more they practise these acts of kindness and gratitude, the better they feel about themselves and they develop a sense of self efficacy and higher self esteem. They will also realize that these acts of kindness and gratitude help build and sustain better relationships and bonds throughout their lives. There is a need to appreciate and encourage these practices in children whatever the age maybe so that it becomes a part of their life and culture. As a parent, modelling is what I practise to encourage my children to be kind and grateful for all that we have and make the best of it. Kindness is one of the easiest ways to make a difference in the world for both ourselves and for others. As Kahlil Gibran has rightly said “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.”

Kalyani Garimella, mother of Sree Kamya Garimella, Grade -12 C

Glendale Academy International

Thank you for inculcating the idea of keeping track of the children's kindness and thankfulness quotient. Really liked the idea behind it. Great initiative to make students realise their worth as well as others, making them learn to be compassionate and kind beings.

Bonny Mukherjee, Parent of Srija Mukherjee, Grade -12 C

Glendale Academy International

We appreciate the way the school has taken the initiative to enhance the skills of the student related to social activity. Shruti has taken this opportunity positively and we have observed her doing these activities in this pandemic situation with all her heart.

Shikha Garg, mother of Shruti Garg, Grade 12 C

Glendale Academy International

I as a parent ,want to Express my gratitude towards the initiative school has taken in exposing students of today's world to the gratitude and kindness journals. In this fast moving world children have so much of exposure to glamorous society that in keeping pace with that sometimes children might forget how fortunate they are to get the luxury they are living in. It is really important for them to be grateful to what they are getting and at the same time they should learn caring and sharing as it will make them grow in all perspectives. Thank you once again as this will enrich their heart, which in return will make them more humble and peaceful individuals.

Anika Dhyani, mother of Venya Dhyani Grade- 12 C

Glendale Academy International

Namaste! As a parent I had been searching for a school curriculum that would enrich a child as a whole. And Glendale International school proved that it provides us with such wholesome nourishment, here the child is moulded and groomed to balance both academic sphere and personal sphere. Especially the Leader in me program adopted by the school helped the child learn the most essential qualities required during their growing years. We recently had to go through a turbulent situation at home during this pandemic (my wife and myself succumbed to covid and quarantined ourselves for 16 days). our child all alone managed herself and took care of us too with ease. The seven habits she learnt at school helped her manage the crisis with confidence and strength.She applied them to the real time situation and gave us the courage that we made the right choice for her by choosing Glendale. We are grateful and thankful to this institution for providing a holistic education to the child. Wish everyone associated with the institution be ever showered with abundant grace of the Almighty in all their future endeavours.

Krishna Ivaturi, Parent of Anagha Ivaturi, Grade 10 -H

Glendale Academy International

It was wonderful listening to the students perform in the music day event. Kudos to all the staff and students of Glendale who put in their efforts to bring this event together! (about World Music Day)

Mr. Krishna Kiran, father of Anish Cherukumilli, Grade V A

Glendale International School, Cambridge Campus

Our kids are feeling recognised and encouraged 👏👏👏👍👍Even we as parents, are happy to be a part of such a creative team of Glendale... Thank you! (about Glendale's Whole Person Approach)

Ms. K JYOTHSNA, mother of K. Naga Varenya, Grade 1 A

Glendale International School, Cambridge Campus

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