Feathers in Our Cap

Glendale Academy International is a much lauded school that has won laurels both nationally and internationally.

Global League Great Place To Study
Excellence in Global Education Systems and thought leadership, House of Commons in London – 17th June, 2019
Eldrok India K-12 Award
For Excellence in Infrastructure & Technological Advancements in Learning, Hyderabad – 20th November, 2019
Times Excellence Award
For CBSE Curriculum in South Zone Hyderabad – 26th December, 2019
Global Schoolpreneur Summit – New Age Educator Awards
For Best School with Inclusive Curriculum, Hyderabad – 21st December, 2019
International School Award
For Best School Chain of the Year, Dubai – 16th December, 2019
Global Innovative School Award (GISA), Dubai
For Innovation in Pedagogy, Dubai – 23rd November 2019
School Excellence Award (Brainfeed) – 7th National Conference
For Excellence in Innovative Practices, Excellence In Inspirational Leadership, Best Infrastructure Schools & Excellence in Co-Curricular Activities, Hyderabad – 6th November, 2019
World Education Summit Award
For Innovation in Pedagogical Practices, Delhi – 9th & 10th August,2019
Leader in Me Award
For being the torchbearer in building a global educational leadership community, Chennai – 29th January, 2020