Tomorrow's Leaders Need Better Teachers

At Glendale schools, our teachers are the lifeblood of our organisation. We provide a world-class teaching environment that offers a fulfilling career with excellent perks. You will work with our Director-Education, Ms. Anjum Babukhan, to mould 2000+ bright young minds and prepare them for the future. Not only do we offer our teachers exceptional career advancement, we also offer generous  remuneration along with special fee discounts to teachers' children.

Senior Secondary Faculty -CBSE

  • Chemistry , English , Accountancy , Biology, Economics, Physical Education, Applied Math, Mathematics, Painting

Senior School Faculty - CBSE

  • English , Math, Social Science, Biology, Hindi, French

Middle School Faculty - CBSE

  • English, Math, Science, Social Science, ICT, Hindi, Urdu, French

IB PYP: (Teachers should be IB trained )

  • English, Math , Science, Social

Senior School Faculty- CAIE

  • English, Economic, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry , Social Science

Primary School Faculty - CAIE

  • English, Math , Science, Social Science, Art and Craft, Music, Dance

Primary School Faculty

  • English, Math, Science , Social, ICT

PRE-Primary School Faculty

  • Home Room Teacher and Co teacher, Day care teacher


  • Parent Relation Officer, Executive Assistant to Senior Leadership Team, IT Hardware, Technology Head, Procurement Officer, Librarian

work at glendale

To apply to us, please reach out with your resume to the details mentioned below

+91 91006-01324