Glendale Education

Our founders

Late Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan

Dynamic, charismatic and visionary leader, a Philanthropist, Theatre Connoisseur, Politician,Construction Baron and an Educationist

He was the Founder & Chairman of Hyderabad Education Society, which was based on the vision of steering Indian youth towards economic prosperity and social development. He had a keen interest in Social WelfareActivities and was a champion of Education and Women Empowerment. He was aCabinet Minister who held the portfolios of Higher Education, Major Industries,Tourism, and Minorities Welfare. BBK was a theatre enthusiast and enacted various roles in various plays, his favourite being the plays of William Shakespeare.The Late Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan pioneered the construction of other highrise commercial and residential complexes, town houses and land development projects. He led the Khan Bahadur Babukhan Foundation and established Bashir& Sarwar Babukhan Trust which continues to benefit tens of thousands of individuals. Of all the accomplishments he achieved in his lifetime, what BBK was most proud of was Glendale Academy because he always wanted to create an institution par excellence that would graduate leaders who will make the world a better place.

Anjum Babukhan


A luminary in the field of education in India and Abroad, Anjum is a Visionary Thought Leader, Author, Educator and a lifelong learner with a passion to propel a world that is empowered through education. An Alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Education, with an Ed. M Degree in Human Development & Psychology, who has enriched her spectrum with various courses from prestigious Ivy league Institutions, including Strategy in Action and Project Zero from Harvard and Design Thinking from Stanford D. School, to name a few! She is a member of the Franklin Covey Educator Advisory Board and was instrumental in getting Glendale to become the 1st Lighthouse School accredited in India. Anjum has gained recognition on many platforms for her exemplary contributions to in the field of education including Best Educationalist in Hyderabad Award by Time and Lifetime Achievement Award by Brain feed.

Salman Babukhan

Co-Founder, Glendale-Education

“I believe the biggest service to mankind is by empowering people with Education and Skilling to generate employment and Preventive Healthcare.”

Salman is the silent foundation pillar who steered the Glendale group of institutions in the areas of infrastructure, administration, finance, marketing, human resources and logistics management. He is a philanthropist and a great advocate of social service and is a part of many charitable trusts. Salman has been an Angel Investor, served on YPO committees and also has been associated with CII, TIE and other business organizations. He studied at Harvard Business School in the OPM (Owner President Management) program and strongly believes in living life in Crescendo-to learn, serve, create and innovate!

Mrs. Sarwar Babukhan

Co-founder, Bashir and Sarwar Babukhan Trust

Wife of the Founder Chairman, Late Mr. Bashiruddin Babukhan, she has been an integral support to the Glendale group of institutions through her prayers, encouragement and moral support. Mrs.Babukhan has always graced all major events with her presence and blessings. A benevolent champion of the family’s contribution to society in education and philanthropy. She now supervises the Bashir & Sarwar Babukhan Trust’s activities for economic empowerment for the poor.