Glendale Education

Our director

Ms. Minu Salooja

Ms. Minu Salooja, is the  Director of the Glendale Group of Schools. Her expertise and guidance have been instrumental in the successful operation and educational endeavors of the schools. With a Master's degree in Politics and International Relations from Nuffield College, Oxford, UK, she brings a strong academic background to her role. Ms. Salooja's teaching experience in political science at Glendale Academy spans the senior and senior-secondary levels. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she has actively contributed to the planning and coordination of the school, playing a key role in transforming it into fully recognized CBSE/Cambridge and State Board educational institutions. For almost a decade, she has also served as the Assistant Director, overseeing administrative and financial planning and execution for the Glendale Group of Schools. In January 2023 she was appointed as the Director for the Glendale Group Schools by Global School Foundation.

One of Ms. Salooja's significant achievements is the expansion of subjects offered at the Plus2 level. She introduced Mass Media Studies, Legal Studies, and Engineering Graphics, broadening the educational opportunities for students. Her wide-ranging responsibilities include monitoring academic progress, accreditation, appraisals, aesthetics, alumni placement, and visibility. She also ensures compliance with policies, oversees financial management, promotes leadership development, fosters parental involvement, manages staff, facilitates internationalism and exchange programs, and provides strategic direction to fulfill the school's holistic vision.

Despite her busy schedule, Ms. Salooja remains dedicated to professional growth and stays at the forefront of her field. She has pursued various international courses, including "Education Redesign: Building a New Model" and "Three Day Learning Lab: Systemic Change for Student Success" at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education in Boston. She has also completed numerous online courses from Harvard and has attended a course on Design Thinking at the Cambridge Schools Conference, Colombo. Beyond her professional pursuits, she nurtures a passion for storytelling, language learning, painting, and reading.

In the capacity as the Director of the Glendale Group of Schools ( 3 campuses ), Ms Minu Salooja has been entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the smooth functioning of administration, operations and ensuring scholastic and co-scholastic excellence of our esteemed institutions. She has the dual role of making sure every member in her team is heard, has a sense of belonging, takes part in the decision making and also ensures student wellness and parent engagement.In her list of to-dos, the top most is the well being of every stakeholder and also ensuring that the institutions in every way remain quality driven and havens of lifelong education.

For 20 years under the mentorship of the Founders Ms Anjum Babukhan and Mr Salman Babukhan she has mastered the art of  looking into the nuances of smooth running of academics and the administration of the institutes and also in executing the pedagogical good practices. She presently leads a dynamic team of 300+ teaching faculty, impactful 70+ administrative staff and extremely dedicated and effective 300+ support staff.

Her favorite quote is:
"Service is what prayer looks like when it gets up off its knees and walks around in the world."Michael J Graham