Safe, Secure & Reliable

Glendale Academy International has always had a child-centric learning environment and all its policies ranging from infrastructure to security are child friendly. In order to reinforce the policy on child safety, the following Statutory Guidelines have been etched out.

Controlled Movement
We control access to the campus
Protected Campus
Male & female security guards on campus
GPS monitored buses
Campus Surveillance
CCTV monitored campus
Food & Water Safety
Regular testing & cleaning
Staff Checks
Police Verification & background checks
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Campus Safety

All movements by students as well as of visitors to the campus are controlled, e.g., students moving from one class to another, or catching the bus after school. A faculty member to supervise their movement. We maintain the following campus safety aspects:

- Main Gate Movement
- Staff & Security Hiring
- Fire Safety
- Child Training
- Staff training
- Water & Food Safety

Staff Training

All faculty and, staff receive appropriate training in child protection. The school counselor administers this training once every quarter based on a module which is approved by the R&D team. Safety sensitization is conducted separately for all students, teachers and support staff, once every quarter. This clearly states the policy for touching and not touching. (The counselor and teachers will work hand in hand to administer knowledge about good touch and bad touch to the students including the Pre-primary.)

Transport Safety

We take utmost care to ensure safety during transport. This includes safety of our staff and students on the school campus, during outdoor or field trips, while travelling by school bus to and from school, and school tours. Child safety while being in our transport encompasses the below aspects:

- Implementation of "No touch" policy
- Only Female Attendants
- Attendance Maintenance
- Regular staff training from experts
- No child left unattended