Going Beyond The Classroom

Cherishing the experience called childhood" is the phrase that powers Glendale EduFun's curriculum. Here, children learn everyday and love every minute of being at the school. At EduFun Pre-school, we follow the XSEED Curriculum, designed for early childhood learning The Curriculum rests on a firm foundation of research and responds to new requirements for addressing academic content.

The Curriculum uses a theme-based approach to impart multiple skills to the child within the framework of a single concept, or theme. The themes chosen begin to familiarize the children with the world around them and aim for development in each of the following six domains of development:

Language Development (Listening speaking, reading and writing)
Mathematical Development
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Creative Development
Gross and Fine motor skills
Personal, Social, and Emotional Development

The Learning Environment

An interestingly planned class room structure creates an effective and a lively place for teaching and learning. This includes, setting up and maintaining interest areas in the classroom, establishing schedules and routines, organizing choice times during center activity, scheduling small and large group times, and creating a classroom community where children learn how to get along with others & solve problems creatively together.

What Children Learn

The children learn about the world around them, in various content areas of literacy, math, environmental studies, arts, and technology. Life skills are facilitated through daily experiences.

The Teacher's Role

The teachers follow a systematic approach to encourage and enrich the child's understanding by planning engaging instructional strategies to guide children's learning and assessment.

The Family's Role

A secure and loving family atmosphere is important in forming a positive partnership between the school and the family, helping us work together to support our common interest - our children.