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Anjum Babukhan

Anjum Babukhan is a visionary thought leader, author and educator whose passion for lifelong learning propels her forward to create a world that is empowered through education. In her words, “Education is exploratory, enriching and empowering. It is in our hands to create learning places that are nurturing spaces for every child.” With this powerful desire and vision, the dream called Glendale was born with the mission “to provide a nurturing environment that develops every child’s Multiple Intelligence, Physical Capacities, Creative Potential, 21st Century Life Skills, Multicultural Awareness and imbibes universal Human Values for Holistic Growth.”

Born and brought up in the United States, Anjum completed her Bachelors with Honors in Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago where she worked under various research teams and moved on to pursue her M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Instructional Leadership from the University ofIllinois at Chicago. Her optimistic attitude on life fuelled her honours thesis on ’Savouring the Positive’ that won her the Psychology award. This was just one of the feathers in her academic cap others being an Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards in the Presidential Academic Fitness Awards Program signed by President Reagan in 1987 and President Bush in 1990, an “Academic & Leadership Excellence” award presented by Hyderabad Foundation of Chicago and being selected in the ‘Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges’.

And even now, she is strong in her academic pursuits in her quest for lifelong learning, with courses like Strategy in Action and projectZero from Harvard, courses from Cambridge and recently a Design Thinking Course from Stanford D.School. She exemplifies her motto “Learning every day and Loving every minute.”

This passionate educator found a lot of gaps in the teaching scenario when she moved to India in the 90’s after her marriage. The education system in India was outdated and rigid with ‘chalk and talk’, 'rote and regurgitate’, ‘kill and drill’, being the norm. After she became a mother, she wanted to emulate the benefits of the education she had received, for her children. Her thought leadership and extensive research led her into compiling a useful guide book for educators based on time tested brain compatible methodologies, named The ABC’s of Brain Compatible Learning’.

With her passion for sharing knowledge with the education fraternity for the benefit of all children, she also launched a short video series on the chapters of the book and other informative topics as a free resource available for all educators on YouTube.

C-Crowning Glories
Anjum has won innumerable awards, accolades and recognition not just individually but for her institutions as well. Anjum has been recognized in many platforms for her exemplary contributions to the field of Education including Femina World Women Leadership Award, Brainfeed LifetimeAchievement Award and Best Educationalist in Hyderabad Award by Times, to name a few. Under her able guidance and leadership, Glendale was awarded #2 in theState!

D-Dreamer and Doer
Anjum is a dynamic lady with a dream in her heart, a desire to achieve and the passion to convert her dreams and desires into reality. Being a Lifelong Learner, she visualizes herself as a bee gathering the nectar of knowledge from myriad flowers across the globe and synthesising them to create the sweet honey of wisdom which she loves to share with others. She puts on a conscious effort to develop her own spectrum of Multiple Intelligence and21st Century Skills in order to keep improving and updating her knowledge and skills. Her hobbies and passions span a wide range from indulging in yoga, meditation and spiritual book clubs to art pursuits like urban sketching, ikebana, from dance choreography and Zumba to martial art forms like Taichi and Qigong!

In a nutshell, Anjum is a fragrant potpourri of learning from all across the globe, wafting like a refreshing breeze through the field of education with the freshness and newness of spring adding colours and fragrance of life and learning to the tender blossoming minds of the future! 

awards & accomplishments >
Conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Education by National American University and National Institute of Education and Research
Pursued M.Ed. in Education Administration & Instructional Leadership (University of Illinois, USA)
B.A. Psychology, Honors Program (Loyola University of Chicago - USA)
President of Psi Chi, the National Honors Society in Psychology (USA)
All-American Academic Nominee, selected in "Who's Who of American Colleges"
Winner of Psychology Honors
Certified Trainer for STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting)
Facilitator for numerous Teacher-Training and Personal Development Programs